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    Responsibility For Future Generations

    GNU Resource and Environmental Management

    As a modern quality supplier to the packaging and consumer goods industry with global business relationships, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment and future generations. With many individual measures, we rely on the sustainable use of resources in administration, production and shipping and logistics management. As a manufacturer of cutting rules, it is easy for us to view scrap and waste as valuable raw materials. We have set ourselves the goal of using resource-saving technologies for new developments and investments.

    Paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard are made from rapidly renewable raw materials. In this way, the finished product from our partners and their customers can be almost completely recycled.

    The Association of the Corrugated Cardboard Industry V. about corrugated cardboard: »Corrugated cardboard consists entirely of renewable raw materials and can be completely recycled. In this way, transported goods can be packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. No trees are felled for corrugated cardboard. When caring for managed forests, broken wood and thinning wood are produced – the primary raw material for paper production. ”

    In Germany, however, the proportion of fresh fibers in the corrugated base paper used is only 20 percent on average. 80 percent of this paper consists of recycled material. (Source: Association of the Corrugated Cardboard Industry, 2016)

    GNU Sustainable Manufacturing

    With numerous measures we underline our efforts to use our resources as little and carefully as possible.

    With the help of renewable energy technologies such as PV systems, intelligent switching technology, cloud technology and heat recovery as well as ventilation technology, we have been able to reduce our electricity consumption by around 20% despite the ongoing growth and reduce the use of fossil fuels for heat generation by around 35%.

    It is our continuous endeavor to align our production in a sustainable manner by creating (raw) material cycles & recycling both within our company and along the supply chain with suppliers, customers and service providers.


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