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    We have been setting standards for decades

    The plans for the foundation of a saw factory were initiated more than 118 years ago by Mr. Ernst Graef jr. in a small house on the outskirts of the town of Barmen (today’s Wuppertal). He found the full support of his parents and brothers and sisters, who were all anxious to contribute to the prosperity of the enterprise from the smallest beginning with hard work and iron diligence.

    The machines necessary for the production of metal saw blades were initially constructed by the company itself in rented rooms. On July 5, 1903, the birthday of Mr. Ernst Graef jr., the first saw blades could be finished and put on sale.

    Soon relations with foreign countries were established, production expanded and in 1913 the means were available to build a factory on the company’s own land in Oberbergische Strasse.

    The war 1914-18 made great demands on the company owners and employees, who endured these difficult times in loyalty and solidarity.

    Following the untimely death of Mr. Ernst Graef Jr. in 1921 his siblings took over the company of the same name. In 1924 the factory was extended by an extension, divided up and continued under the names of the respective owners.

    In the following years, Mr. August Graef, a long-time employee of his brother Ernst, always tried to keep up with the development of technology in his company and to be in good contact with his customers. Proven employees support him in his efforts to bring the “GNU” metal saws and metal band saws into the best reputation at home and abroad.

    Adverse circumstances before and during the war of 1939-45 did not permit the expansion of operations, but the factory was spared war damage. It was not until 1950-51 that the long-planned extension could be built. Modern machines and high-quality testing equipment are available to our experienced specialists and guarantee first-class quality products.

    The experience and performance of the past 121 years will be our obligation to maintain the good reputation of our products in the future and to justify the trust placed in us.

    (from 50 years GNU, Dr. Emmi Koll 1953, edited)

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    Optimal workflows and efficient die-cutting processes lead to higher productivity, lower storage costs and cost reductions in other areas. The short time span between receipt of order and delivery results in high customer satisfaction.

    Due to the proximity to our customers we can react immediately to market changes and ensure delivery reliability, flexibility and the consideration of individual needs!

    Reliability and adherence to deadlines
    Continuous quality monitoring
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    Cost-effective, precise and reliable
    High flexibility
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    Optimum workflows and efficient processes

    History & Milestones A history we are proud of

    1903 Foundation of the company by Ernst Graef jr.

    More than 110 years ago, Ernst Graef Jr. the decision to start a sawmill. He found the full support of his parents and siblings, who were all eager to contribute to the prosperity of the company. The machines required for production were designed and built by the company itself, initially in rented premises. It was soon possible to establish relations with foreign countries.

    In 1913 the machinery was built up according to the then modern standards. Saw production was revolutionized by the introduction of the patented endless milling of saws on machines developed in-house.

    The production program consisted of metal saw blades and metal band saw blades, which were given the brand name “GNU”.

    1922 After death of Ernst takeover by August Graef

    After the early death of the founder in 1922, his brother August Graef took over the company. The factory was extended and divided by an extension.

    The employees supported him in his efforts to bring the “GNU” metal saws to the best reputation at home and abroad.

    From raw material through milling and hardening to the saw ready for shipment, the entire production process was monitored metallographically.

    Thanks to this quality and the efforts of the owner, the clientele expanded more and more and GNU saws succeeded in gaining a good reputation worldwide.

    1950 Changeover to the production of cutting lines

    Since the beginning of the 1950s, production has been gradually expanded and converted to cutting lines, knives and accessories for the printing and packaging industry, and the product range has also been constantly expanded.

    The pursuit of quality in the entire production of saws has enabled the company to consolidate its leading position in the global market, in line with its goal: “GNU” products – the epitome of quality and precision!

    1960 Expansion production building

    Enlargement of production and administration buildings.

    1980 Offset Perf Cutting Crease

    Expansion of the manufacturing program to include the offset belt sector. This enables simultaneous perforating, creasing and cutting during offset printing.

    1991 Expansion production and warehouse

    Due to the ever-increasing demand on the market, the production program was constantly expanded and thus the production halls also had to be enlarged.

    1992 Introduction of Pentra creasing matrix

    Pentra high-speed creasing machine made of pressboard for creasing paper, cardboard and corrugated board.

    Optimal creasing solution for any cardboard or corrugated board thickness due to extensive dimensional program.

    2004 Development of Pentra ECO

    GNU Pentra ECO creasing matrix – the inexpensive alternative made of stable plastic on a film basis.

    2009 Development of ejection profiles

    Production of a wide range of different ejector profiles in various material qualities.

    2013 Expansion of new storage and production capacity

    At the end of 2013, in the year of the company’s 110th anniversary, August Graef GNU GmbH was able to move into the 1000 m² expansion of the headquarters on two floors at the location in Wuppertal. The expansion was urgently needed because the demand for GNU products at home and abroad was growing and at the same time the product range was expanding.

    2014 Entry into ejector technology, sheet goods and profiles

    Entry into ejector technology, sheet goods and profiles

    2017 ISO Certification 9001:2015

    ISO Certification 9001:2015

    2018 Introduction of self-adhesive profiles to increase productivity

    Introduction of self-adhesive profiles to increase productivity

    2019 Implementation of environmentally friendly technologies

    Implementing environmentally friendly technologies to reduce our carbon footprint through innovative solar and heat recovery technology. We generate around 1/3 of our electricity directly at the plant and have been able to reduce our primary energy requirement for heat generation by around 25% through state-of-the-art insulation technology and heat recovery.

    2020 ISEGA product certification

    ISEGA product certification: Product safety for ejection rubbers and profiles

    2021 Expansion of the GNU machine park

    Expansion of the GNU machine park to serve new markets

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